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You can trust Blue Cat Design. We’ve been around since 1995
which makes us pretty old – and wise - in internet years, which
makes choosing the best SEO company easier for you.

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Since 1995, we've achieved top search engine rankings for our international clientele


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You can trust Blue Cat Design – we’ve been around since 1995 which makes us pretty old – and wise – in internet years.

In fact, way back in 1996, Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, called Blue Cat Design “the grand daddy of Canada’s web design business” and its founder a “Web pioneer“. We started out in web design, but quickly learned that top ranking positions in search engines can bring a flood of international clients, when our own website locked into the #1 position in the top search engines for several years. This was before the terms SEO and Search Engine Optimization had been invented and way before Google existed.

Over the years, we have continued to get top rankings and our loyal international client base has benefited from our SEO experience and results proven approach. We have been so effective with our organic search engine optimization services, SEO-optimized website design and internet marketing strategies, that our clients stick with us and send us referrals. We have many clients that have been with us more than 10 years, and several that have been with us since 1996. Our exceptional client retention rate testifies to the satisfaction and trust our clients place in us to deliver real measurable results that help their businesses grow and succeed.

If you’re tired of getting a hard sell and then broken promises from large assembly line SEO firms, consider contacting us to see if there’s a good fit. We’re not an assembly line firm and we don’t ship client work offshore as most of our competitors do; our client work is done on location in North America.

You’ll deal directly with our founder and CEO, Christine Collie Rowland, and not a sales person pressuring you to sign up today to make their commission. We believe in long term, not just today, so there’s no pressure. We’ve been around the block and back.

  1. Search Engine Friendly Website and Blog Design

    Back in 1995 when I started Blue Cat Design, it was before web design courses or even web design books. Web design, back then, was a process of learning how to hand-code HTML from scratch – and modify PERL – to make web pages. It was a good basis for what I do today because I had to learn code...
  2. Online Reputation Management

    “Remember a good name is better than fortune or fame.” When I was in grade four it was the fad at the time to have an autograph book and to get everyone you knew (school chums, teachers, family, relatives, ie. Everybody) to write something, a verse, a poem, some advice in it together with their name and signature. Most were...
  3. Social Media Marketing

    You are already part of social media whether you realize it or not. Others have already discussed you or your product or brand on various social media sites, in comment fields and in blog posts. Rather than having your personal persona or business image created online by others, take control of it and be in charge of your message and image. It’s really quite straightforward.
  4. SEO Services – Search Engine Optimization that works

    Are you happy with your search engine rankings? Or are you learning what many other businesses have also learned – that to achieve high search engine rankings requires expert search engine optimization skills in order to succeed. Unless your site is within the top 10 or 20 on the search results list, your Web site investment will not achieve the...