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Press Releases - Jamieson Vitamins Canada's largest vitamin manufacturer launches site

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Jamieson Vitamins, Canada's largest vitamin manufacturer launches site


Toronto, July 30, 1997

Canada's largest vitamin and natural healthcare products manufacturer, Jamieson Vitamins (C.E. Jamieson & Company Limited), launched the company's first official website today. The Jamieson Vitamins website contains an interactive contest, nutrition resources and product information on Jamieson's natural source vitamins.

"By concentrating on reinforcing the Jamieson Vitamins brand through a powerful mixture of contemporary design with an easy-to-use functional Web system, Blue Cat Design was able to launch a Canadian vitamin manufacturer firm founded in 1922 on the Web and build an online brand for Jamieson Vitamins in order to position it for growth outside of the Canadian market" said Christine Collie Rowland, CEO and Creative Director of Blue Cat Design.

About Jamieson Vitamins:

C.E. Jamieson & Company Limited is Canada's leading manufacturer of natural source vitamins, minerals and nutritional food supplements. The firm has been offering trusted, quality, natural healthcare products since 1922. Jamieson Vitamins is one of only a few vitamin companies that actually manufactures its own vitamins rather than merely packaging product bought elsewhere. Jamieson Vitamins products are unique formulations created, compounded, and quality assured in their own research and development pharmaceutical laboratories in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

About Blue Cat Design:

Blue Cat Design ( is one of Canada's premier online business developers and 1999 winner of the Ontario Global Traders Award for Leadership in exporting. Since 1995, the firm known for its ethical search engine optimization expertise, has produced more than 300 sites for a diverse international clientele in the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the Caribbean. More on Blue Cat Design.


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