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Cold Fusion programmers, Canadian Web programmers, eCommerce programmers, application consulting, Toronto Web application programmers, ASP programmers? If so, contact Blue Cat Design for the best in custom programming services.

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Blue Cat Design Custom Programming Services

Blue Cat Design is committed to providing Web application programming at competitive prices. Our programming team has extensive experience in developing custom Web-based applications and database-driven sites which utilize MySQL, Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Access.

Blue Cat Design provides a full range of custom programming written either in Perl for CGI, ASP active server pages, or CFM Cold Fusion. Our programmers can also write in C, C++, Delphi and Visual Basic. These custom programming services can be billed at an hourly rate or we can provide a fixed-price quotation.

  • Web-based Chat Rooms. This interactive feature can help draw visitors to your site and make them return. Real-time chat functionality. Visitors can choose a graphical icon as an avatar to represent them or use a text name or alias. Please contact us to book a demo appointment.

  • Web Site Search Engines. We all know how invaluable and popular search engine sites are. Why not add search engine functionality to your corporate site to make it more user-friendly for your visitors? Our search engine program will allow your visitors to enter keywords to search your site. The visitor will be presented with a Web page of HyperText links to all the pages at your site that match their search criteria.

  • Custom Search Engines for Web Sites. We can provide custom programming solutions for in-site database search engines. Try out the custom application we produced for an online talent agency; it has many unique variables and options for full-featured search functionality that is fast and efficient. Try it out!

  • Interactive Reply Forms. We offer a full range of interactive reply forms from our Basic with entry fields for name, e-mail address, address, phone number and comments, to custom solutions programmed to meet your individual requirements. See our own reply form for an example of a custom solution.

  • Online Catalogues/Stores. Interactive "shopping-basket" functionality and credit card ordering. Let us put your catalogue online so you can start selling your products over the Web. See examples of some of the online stores we've created for clients.

  • Password Protection. Limit access to information-sensitive areas of your Web site. Visitors to a password-protected directory will be presented with a dialogue box requesting their user name and password.

  • Interactive Guest Books. Entry fields for name, e-mail address and comments. Guest books can be ordered "viewable" or "non-viewable" with the viewable version displaying past guest book entries at the Web site or the non-viewable version sending the entries to a client-specified e-mail address.

  • Web-based Bulletin Boards and Forums. This interactive feature can help draw visitors to your site to interact with your company (for example: customer service tech support) or other site visitors. And it's a site feature that generates repeat visits. Our custom applications have real-time message posting functionality and many innovative features. Please contact us to book a demo appointment.

  • CGI Scripting. Interactive programming solutions for the Web including dynamically-generated on-the-fly Web pages.

  • Database Integration and custom interactive programming.

  • Clickable Imagemaps. We can create imagemap programming of customer supplied GIFs or we can create a custom graphic with clickable areas.

We invite you to meet our talented programming team and to browse our online portfolio which showcases some of the more than 300 Web sites we've created for clients since 1995. We view each client as a valued partner. Most of our contracts come from client referrals; we'd be happy to supply client references.

For more information on our services and process, please read: our Web overview page; our prices page for our pricing procedure and methodology. We would be happy to prepare a price quotation for your project.

Initial telephone consultation is free of charge. We invite you to contact Blue Cat Design to discuss your project or to arrange a quotation.

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For professional custom programming services such Cold Fusion programming, ASP Active Server Pages programming, PHP programming, custom web application programming, eCommerce programming, application development consulting, or for search engine marketing services including search engine optimization and SEO copywriting, contact Blue Cat Design.