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Blue Cat Design SEO Copywriting Services

Everybody wants their site to get high rankings in search engines - but only ten sites can be in the top ten rankings. So what's the magic trick that works, you ask. The answer is that while there's no one technique that works alone to achieve high rankings, there are a number of techniques when used intelllgently in consort can normally result in high rankings in search engines.

Are you guessing that the crucial element is meta tags? If so, you might also like to read Christine's article on The Myth of Meta Tags and High Rankings to learn that the key to high rankings isn't meta tags.

One of the most important components of search engine optimization is SEO copywriting (Search Engine Optimization Copywriting). When performed in tandem with source code optimization, it is the essential tool in the professional search engine marketer's arsenal.

What is SEO Copywriting (Search Engine Optimization Copywriting) ?

SEO copywriting is writing new web page text or editing existing web page text so that it includes targeted keyword phrases in a manner that is search-engine friendly and also enhances the visitor experience with logical, focused content.

The best SEO copywriting isn't even noticed by the site visitor. It reads smoothly; it isn't littered with repetitions of keywords that make the content awkward to read and understand, and make your traffic click away. Instead at a site with professional SEO copywriting, the site visitor stays at the site longer, reads more site content, and is more likely to make a purchase, bookmark the site or contact the site. In other words, good SEO copywriting makes your site more useful to the visitor - PLUS delivers targeted traffic and an increased sales conversion rate.

It's not unusual to find business sites with pages that don't even contain their most important keywords in the body of a web page text. A site lacking in relevant content will have no chance of ranking high in search engines for descriptive keywords that are missing from the site.

Choosing the right keywords to include is a crucial step in the SEO copywriting process. A thorough keyword research and analysis needs to be conducted before SEO copywriting is performed.

If you're not sure if your site needs SEO copywriting services, contact us for a free search engine optimization analysis of your site.

SEO Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization result in High Rankings!

"Blue Cat Design's strength in search engine positioning has placed us in the top positions out of several hundred thousand for our targeted keywords. You have definitely exceeded my expectations! Thank you and your staff for an excellent job."

Mark Stepanek,
International Seal - FNGP

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About Blue Cat Design

We've had a 100% success rate at getting high rankings for client sites in search engine results since 1995.

During the past nine years of promoting client's sites on Internet, Blue Cat Design's Internet marketing specialists have learned the search engine optimization techniques that work. We've had ongoing success generating website traffic to client websites through SEO copywriting services and ethical search engine optimization services for a complete search engine positioning and sales conversion strategy.

Our award-winning design, technological expertise and dedication to client service has attracted a diverse international clientele in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Mexico and the Caribbean which includes large high-tech institutions, realtors, retailers, engineering firms, manufacturers, government, banks, software companies, developers, publishers and hoteliers. We've created more than 300 effective Websites since 1995. We know the techniques and strategies that work on the Web and achieve high rankings in search engines for our clients.

View detailed SEO Search Engine Optimization case studies with examples of high search engine rankings that can be achieved with ethical optimization techniques including SEO copywriting.

If you're not happy with the your website traffic and search engine ranking, we invite you to contact Blue Cat Design for a free initial consultation to discuss your SEO Search Engine Optimization goals and to learn more about our SEO copywriting services and search engine optimization services.

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For high rankings in search engines from proven traffic building techniques such as search engine optimization, SEO copywriting, link popularity services, custom directory submissions, email newsletter publishing, plus SEO consulting, contact Blue Cat Design.