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How to Choose a SEO Search Engine Optimization Company

If you're scouting for a SEO company to perform ethical, effective SEO Search Engine Optimization Services for your website, then don't be afraid to ask questions and request to see client testimonials/references.

Here are some of the questions we believe you should ask before hiring a SEO company:

  • Find out how long the SEO company has been in business.

  • Does the SEO firm or its principals have marketing experience background?

  • Do they have long-term satisfied clients? Make sure they prove it with client testimonials and references.

  • Do they have detailed case studies to show you with verifible results of search engine positions they've achieved for clients?

  • Will they perform an analysis of your competition's websites to understand why the other sites rank highly?

  • What will the SEO company base their keyword recommendations on? Keyword research is a necessity to determine relevent, targeted keywords in order for a SEO campaign to succeed.

  • What are realistic traffic expectations for your site? Obscure keyword phrases may bring top ten or #1 ranking positions but if only a trickle of people search for the term each month, it likely won't result in increased sales.

  • Does the SEO differeniate between "traffic" and "qualified" traffic? Bulk unqualified traffic arriving at your site for irrelevant keywords are unlikely to convert to a sale or new customer. Does the SEO firm understand what it takes to create a sales conversion?

  • Does the SEO company adhere to search engine's posted best practises and a strict no-spam policy to avoid your website being penalized, possibly indefinitely, by search engines?

  • What methods will the SEO company use to increase traffic? Will they make changes to your existing web page coding or will they just be adding or revising meta tags? Will they be performing search engine optimization copywriting and editing to add relevant keywords to your visible page text? Will they be adding new pages, or possibly redesigning your navigation to make it more search engine friendly?

  • How many pages will they be optimizing in your website?

  • How much, if any, of their strategy relies on pay-per-click advertising and how much will that cost? Remember, pay-per-click is like leasing vs. buying a car. When you stop paying, the traffic discontinues. We sometimes recommend pay-per-click advertising for specific marketing strategies, but not for ongoing search engine visibility. Pay-per-click is not a long-term solution unless you have deep pockets. Obtaining "free" search engine positions in natural search engines, such as Google, is the preferred - and longer-term - route to traffic.

  • If the SEO company is offering high ranking guarantees - how is that possible when no-one can control or influence the search sites? Even Google's own published guidelines states: "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEO's that claim to guarantee rankings, or that claim a "special relationship" with Google, or that claim to have a "priority submit" to Google. There is no priority submit for Google."

  • How will your web site traffic be monitored and measured? What type of reports will you get and how often will you receive them?

  • How will your overall Return On Investment (ROI) be measured?

Do due diligence - there are many fly-by-night SEO Search Engine Optimization companies who make outrageous claims with unsubstantiated results and present no client list or testimonials to back up their claims.

Please contact us for our answers to any of these questions.

About Blue Cat Design & Marketing

Blue Cat Design specializes in creating search engine friendly Web sites and delivering targeted website traffic through effective strategic internet marketing including search engine optimization. It's all we do and we've been doing it since 1995 when the World Wide Web was in its infancy and Netscape was at version .9 beta.

During the past nine years of promoting client's sites on Internet, Blue Cat Design's Internet marketing specialists have learned the search engine optimization techniques that work. We've had ongoing success generating website traffic to client websites through SEO copywriting and web site optimization services for a complete search engine positioning and sales conversion strategy.

We don't use gimmicks or unscrupulous search engine spam techniques that could get your site removed and "blacklisted" from search engines. Instead we perform legitimate optimized copy writing and programming that meets search engine rules and best practises which makes for top search engine positioning that lasts and continues to perform well for months and, in many cases, years.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more net-savvy experienced team to handle your SEO Search Engine Optimization project. But don't just take our word for it - read some of our client testimonials below.

Read a SEO Search Engine Optimization case study where we achieved 208 TOP TEN ranking positions including 101 #1 positions for a recent client!

Client Testimonials about our Search Engine Optimization Services

"Blue Cat Design's strength in search engine positioning has placed us in the top out of several hundred thousand for our targeted keywords. That strength was the primary reason why I went with Blue Cat Design and you have definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you and your staff for an excellent job."
Mark Stepanek, International Seal - FNGP

"This letter serves as a thank you and a testimony to your expertise. From a business perspective, I can expound the financial benefits: the website paid for itself with increased reservations in two months. You have edited copy so that the search engines always bring our website up in the first five to ten entries on a keyword search. So thank you again for the website. It is the most important part of my marketing strategy."
Donna Cane, Victoria Inn

"I've been very pleased with the search engine ranking results that Blue Cat Design was able to achieve, both when we initially set up our site three years ago, and more recently with our newest site, Google searches have resulted in the top 5 listings for many of our key marketing phrases."
Kimberly Grotzke, Teeter Hang Ups

"We have been working with Blue Cat Design since 1997 when they created the first website for our Bed & Breakfast. Over the years, they have continued to keep the website a top-performer in key internet search engines; they have added additional pages to the website as the business has evolved and to make it more functional and visually appealing. We estimate that over 90% of our new business comes from our website - either directly or indirectly. In fact, many prospective guests use the website and telephone simultaneously to make a reservation in the room of their choice. The website continues to perform well in the major search engines; this is due in no small part to the ongoing work of Blue Cat Design. Our friends and colleagues in the local bed & breakfast business are constantly in awe over the placement of the Butternut Inn in key search engines."
Bob Harrison, Butternut Inn

"It's been six years since Blue Cat Design created our website and I remain very happy with the site and especially with how effective you've been at keeping it at the top of the search engines results list (#1 and #2 for two sets of important keywords). My website is beautiful and I get constant emails and phone calls about the items pictured."
Robin A. Kopit, Extraordinary Doors

"Having newly added a related business (houseboat rentals) to our existing marina business, we decided to set up a web site through Blue Cat Design to promote the service and it has been one of the best decisions.
Blue Cat came highly recommended and has lived up to the recommendation. Approximately 80% of our first year bookings has been as a result of the web site. The site has been placed within the top ten of three major search engines and daily queries come from all over Ontario as well as some of the north eastern states."
Diane Audley, Audley's Cove Marina

"The high search engine rankings that Blue Cat Design achieved for the site has allowed us to do our own bookings for the villa online; we have now canceled our rental agency. In the past 11 weeks, we have already booked 9 weeks - and with no agency commission! Our web site has allowed us to increase profit by 30%."
Michael Perron, Villa Papillon

"Blue Cat's strength lies in its exemplary creative direction coupled with proven interactive marketing success."
Jason Craine, The Minacs Group Inc.

"We selected Blue Cat because they have the combination of internet marketing expertise and creativity we were looking for. Christine and her team really impressed us with their depth of knowledge, technical experience, design skills and follow-through -- without being intimidating."
Lynn M. Kane, Assistant Vice President, Retail Marketing Group,
M&T Bank (Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company)

Read more client testimonials.

Read a SEO Search Engine Optimization case study where we achieved 208 TOP TEN ranking positions including 101 #1 positions for a recent client!

We invite you to contact Blue Cat Design to discuss your SEO Search Engine Optimization requirements and arrange a quotation.

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