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Blue Cat Design Award-winning Web Design Goes Wireless

The Internet has become unplugged. Web-enabled cell-phones and PDA's (e.g. Palm Pilots) are delivering the Internet through "WAPsites" to people on-the-go. Make sure that your business is in a position to take advantage of this change.

A new report released July 31, 2000 from Forrester Research predicts that growth of the wireless Web in the US will mirror that of the original Web. Global revenues from wireless portals are set to soar from US$747 million in 2000 to a total of US$42 billion in 2005, according to a new report from Ovum. The report, "Wireless Portals: Business Models and Market Strategies", found that revenues are growing and should skyrocket from 2001 onwards.

Beat your competitors on to the WAP network of Web-enabled wireless devices - get a WAPsite. Giving your customers (and potential customers) the ability to access information about your business on-the-go will result in increased sales, improved customer service and reduced costs.

Give your business an advantage with a WAPsite. WAP is a way to let users access information from a wireless device, like a Web-enabled cellular phone or a Palm Pilot. WAP pages are written in WML (Wireless Markup Language) - not HTML and a WAP page ends in .wml (example: homepage.wml not homepage.html).

Here are a few examples of how a Wapsite would benefit your business:

Provide Store Locations - When someone away from their office or home is looking for your closest location, they shouldn't have to go through a complicated, lengthy, touch-tone phone system. Instead a simple WAPsite could allow them to access all the information they are looking for from anywhere, instantly.

Contact Information - A WAPsite is a superior way for customers to gather contact information. With a WAPsite, the person can not only find your phone number, but can quickly gather other information, like fax numbers, email addresses, street addresses, and other information. Giving people this information when they need it means they are more likely to call, and more calling, means more sales.

Tech Support - Wouldn't it be great to reduce costs by allowing mobile customers to access your WAPsite instead of calling for technical help or frequently asked questions? The service is better for them because they can find exactly what they want quickly, without dealing with phone systems. This is an especially great service if your product is used on the go alot.

Increase Exposure - Many wireless users are undecided on what product they'd like to buy or what store they would like to buy from at the time they go on the Web from their phone. Blue Cat Design can make sure that when someone types in keyword's related to their product they will find your site. For example, someone is driving in their car and they decide they need to buy, say a cd player, they can search the Web with their WAP device, find your location from your WAPsite, and go to your store.

General Information - There are many types of information you could list on your WAPsite that would save your customers time and hassle. Information about the hours of your stores could save a trip across town to arrive at a closed store. Price lists of your products would be useful for mobile or on-the-spot comparison shopping. A restaurant could list their menu or their daily specials on their WAPsite so that diners could be ready to order right away! The possibilities are endless.

You've seen what the Web on a cell phone can do for your business. Now, picture your competitors getting there first. Don't let it happen.

WAPsite Demonstration
If you have a Web-enabled cell-phone, our WAPsite is at .

If you don't have a Web-enabled cell phone yet, you can use a special viewer to see what our WAP site would look like on a cell phone: Blue Cat Design's Wap Site on the Wapsilon Emulator.

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