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Blue Cat Design Webmaster Services

Blue Cat Design offers Webmaster Services in packages with non-expiring maintenance hours for companies that require website maintenance, content revision and webmaster services for their corporate website but don't want the expense and commitment of a staff webmaster position.

A Flexible Solution to your Webmaster Problem

Our Webmaster Services packages have non-expiring hours which carry over month to month until used up. This is the perfect solution for any firm that isn't sure how much maintenance help they will need. Webmaster services can be purchased in increments of 5 or 10 hours. Once a maintenance pattern has been established, you can always switch to one of our discounted Webmaster Packages which have a predefined number of maintenance hours per month.

Peace of Mind - the Expert Webmaster Way

The Blue Cat Design team are Internet experts - Internet is all we do. Since 1995, we've created and maintained more than 300 websites. Our Blue Cat Design team keeps abreast of new internet technologies and trends; we can offer a range of advanced webmaster skills and expertise not possible if you hired an employee Webmaster. Website revisions can be easily and quickly displayed back via a private Web address known only to you for you to view at your convenience.

Once the revisions have been approved, then we load the revised files onto your hosting server. We currently act as webmaster for many corporations and organizations and handle website maintenance projects for clients in Canada, United States, Europe, Australia, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

The Simple and Easy Webmaster Solution

Our webmaster services make website maintenance a simple, stress-free experience. You will be assigned a single webmaster contact person who knows you and your project - you won't be shuffled around and have to start at square one explaining your project and needs. Blue Cat Design prides itself on providing personalized custom service - it's the reason so many of our clients have been with us long term.

Our multi-step quality control process ensures that your website gets the attention to detail and accuracy that is essential for your site's success. Communications are easily handled with e-mail, fax and telephone. You can expect to receive a telephone or email reply with production timelines from our webmaster team within 24 hours from receipt of your website maintenance request during our normal business week of Mon-Fri. We always try to accommodate any rush or emergency changes from our clients.

Some client comments about our website maintenance webmaster services:

"Blue Cat Design has maintained our website for over eight years - since they created the the Victoria Inn website in 1996. They understand marketing, and what concepts, wording and images will make an impact. Each year, the amount of business that comes to our country inn via the website increases. Our clients remark on how often our website comes up within the top 10 sites as a result of a search engine request and then how fast images load once the website is accessed. They are very important to my marketing strategy!"
Donna Cane, The Victoria Inn

"It's been six years since Blue Cat Design created our website and I remain very happy with the site and especially with how effective you've been at keeping it at the top of the search engines results list (#1 and #2 for two sets of important keywords). My website is beautiful and I get constant emails and phone calls about the items pictured."
Robin A. Kopit, Extraordinary Doors

"The most important part of choosing a web designer is SERVICE, and Blue Cat Design has that it spades. They are accessible, answer all of your questions, implement changes quickly and best of all, give you the RESPECT you deserve. Their tons of experience has given them powerful ideas and inside knowledge that that they are more than happy to share with those of us who get lost navigating the do's and don'ts of the web universe. I recommend them to everyone. Now relax and enjoy the experience."
Steven J. Schwartz, SJS Productions

"We have been working with Blue Cat Design since 1997 when they created the first website for our Bed & Breakfast. Over the years, they have continued to keep the website a top-performer in key internet search engines; they have added additional pages to the website as the business has evolved and to make it more functional and visually appealing.

We estimate that over 90% of our new business comes from our website - either directly or indirectly. In fact, many prospective guests use the website and telephone simultaneously to make a reservation in the room of their choice. The website continues to perform well in the major search engines; this is due in no small part to the ongoing work of Blue Cat Design. Our friends and colleagues in the local bed & breakfast business are constantly in awe over the placement of the Butternut Inn in key search engines."
Bob Harrison, Butternut Inn

I wanted to thank you for your helpful and courteous service over the last three years. Your knowledge and expertise has been extremely beneficial to our company, for small tasks and daunting projects alike. You've always been quick to respond to my inquiries, and on many occasions have been extremely flexible in order to meet my often urgent requests.

Thanks again for your thorough, friendly service and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship long into the future!
Kimberly Grotzke, Teeter Hang Ups

I have been happy with Blue Cat's customer service since first contact to the launch of the re-vamped Biewer site. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Blue Cat Design for my web site maintenance needs!"
Pam Phillips, Biewer Lumber

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